change port 8000 on Linode production server

I have installed Django on Linode server from the marketplace. Everything is alright. If I visit my public IP:8000.

then I have created a DNS name server now, i'm only able to visit


how can I reconfigure to git red of the 8000 and use the default one.

P.S I have reached out to /usr/local/lib/python<2/3>.x/dist-packages/django/core/management/commands and I have changed my where the port 8000 to 8080, and reboot the server..

but that worked ONLY for local run server, as i'm in development environment, I mean as i'm on my console after I edited, I do python3 manage… runserver… then you see as you are on localhost.
my my public IP from linode has no response on that change

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To serve a website on port 80, you'll need to set that through the web server you're using, likely Apache or Nginx. This is done through the Virtual Host file (Apache) or Server Block (Nginx). I found a Stack Overflow post that explains this specifically for Django and Apache which should be helpful.


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