Is there interest in a BOSH CPI?

I am an advocate of using BOSH as a deployment manager for various cloud-y services like Cloud Foundry. The neat thing about BOSH is that it wraps the IaaS layer in a Cloud Provider Interface, or CPI.

BOSH has CPIs for AWS, Azure, GCP, vSphere, and more. But it doesn't have a CPI for Linode (that I'm aware of).

Is Linode interested in writing a BOSH CPI? Is the community?

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Linode recently sponsored and attended Cloud Foundry Summit 2018, and our team received a number of requests for this functionality. We don't have any CPI product plans to announce right now, but we have taken note of your inquiry.

Yeah, I spoke with Blake at the Summit booth. If you guys are looking for community help on implementing a CPI, let me know. I'd be happy to help out in the implementation. I work in the CF space as a consultant, and I've contributed a ton of OSS software to the ecosystem.

A+ Would love the ability to have a Linode CPI for BOSH. Ability to deploy bosh releases and deployments to Linode would be incredibly useful and would enable us to move away from AWS 100%


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