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About an hour ago we've got this message about the emergency migration and our entire business went offline:

While preparing for an upgrade of our equipment, we've determined that a physical move of your Linode's underlying hardware is necessary. We've attempted to live migrate this Linode so as to avoid downtime, but were unable to do so. Because the hardware move is imminent, we require that your Linode be migrated to new hardware immediately and are not able to extend this deadline. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.

Does anyone experiencing that right now?

What's interesting, Linodes status is "Running" but it's not possible to connect to them. Is this how "emergency migrations" look like? Is it possible to monitor the progress somehow?

Support remains silent :/

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Linode Staff

Each emergency maintenance event looks a bit different depending on what happened to the host requiring maintenance, but it's not uncommon to see your Linode in a running state while its connectivity is affected. When a hardware issue requires a cold migration (meaning a migration while the Linode is powered down) you'll see a period of time where your Linode is powered off while the migration occurs. We communicate updates on the maintenance via the Support ticket that gets opened. You're also always welcome to give us a call to receive a quicker update.

Something else you may want to look into is a high availability setup for your services running on your Linode. A high availability setup can help make sure your website and other services stay running even while one of your Linodes is down for maintenance. The exact configuration would depend on what services you're running on your Linode, but this is a good way to ensure that your business remains operational even if one of the Linodes isn't working.


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