CNAME not appearing in lookup

Fixed: Since posting this my email provider can now see the CNAME entries. I have also found out that using dig I needed to specify the precise hostname to perform the lookup (i.e dig +short cname I have removed my domain name from the question and replaced it with

Original question:

I want to setup DKIM signing for my email. I have created CNAME entries as per my mail provider's instructions using the Linode domain manager. I put the following values in:

Hostname Aliases to TTL
selector1._domainkey 1 hour
selector2._domainkey 1 hour

Note: I put as the hostname but it gets truncated.

I set these entries up yesterday but they don't seem to be working. I have tried looking them up using dig +short cname but it returns nothing.

Can anyone cast light on what's going wrong here?

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Glad to see you were able to figure this out - and thanks for updating the question with a changelog and your findings!
I also use the command line for many troubleshooting things like this, though since I work in Support, I also like having tools where I can easily share what I'm seeing with customers and sharing tools that empower them to look things up as they change. When it comes to DNS changes and tests, I've found is a great tool for this. You can check specific records as well as check records against open resolvers. Figured I'd pass this along in case anyone runs into any other DNS-related issues.


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