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How long does it usually take for rDNS to show up...

…and is there a place that I can query it besides linode-api?

I'm trying to start a bunch of servers on-demand as needed, but often the services running on them need to have matching forward and reverse DNS.

It's also one of our requirements for autosigned puppet certificates.

If I check on our DNS server, it fails (and continues to for a while due to a negative cache). If I query NS1.LINODE.COM I also don't get the new value, and if I check resolver01.atlanta.linode.com (the first entry in my newly minted Linode's /etc/resolv.conf) I still get the old generic value.

Is there somewhere in Linode's infrastrucutre that I can check and get a proper response early in the process?

And how long does it take for updates to propagate out the main Linode DNS servers? I'm seeing about 35 minutes right now, but is that long of a delay expected?

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I ended up asking support, and the official answer is that it can take up to 24 hours.

So for me, I think I need to skip the reverse DNS check to get the host up and running. I'll also have to check regularly to make sure DNS is there before moving a Linode into the mix if reverse DNS matters for its services.


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