Forward incoming traffic to my Linode port to my home VirtualBox

I have an application that runs on Ubuntu 14.04, and has not been ported to newer Ubuntu versions. It used to be hosted on my Linode node, but now that node is not running 14.04 and I don't think I can switch back.

I have a VirtualBox on my home machine and it is running 14.04 and the application.

The numeric (v4/v6) addresss for the Linode is published and I want to continue to provide service at those addresses.

So, I thought I could use iptables to forward traffic arriving to my Linode to my VirtualBox.

For documentation, these are the addresses to work with:

Linode: [2001:DB8:9AFE::123]:6789

VirtualBox: [2001:DB8:3759::456]:6789

The VirtualBox v4 address is behind the provider's NAT, so I don't really see a way to forward packets it.

I think that Linode does not allow v6 packets to be forwarded.

Thus, I think I am SOL on this plan. Does anyone have an idea that I missed? I would love to have a magic iptable command that makes things go.

I think I have the oompf to write a small forwarding program to run on the Linode, but I hoped to solve the problem at the configuration level.

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Linode Staff

Hi there,

I don't think you're SOL, I'll share some ideas below:

It used to be hosted on my Linode node, but now that node is not running 14.04 and I don't think I can switch back.

While Linode does not actively support Ubuntu 14.04, in theory you could install it yourself on a Linode. This may take some additional elbow grease to accomplish upfront but seems to me like a better idea than forwarding traffic to your local machine. You can learn more about installing custom distributions in the following resource:

You can grab the server image of Ubuntu 14.04 from their releases page:

If you are set on running this application locally you could probably use a service like Tailscale to simplify this process -- in my experience it is equal parts WireGuard and magic. You can learn more about Tailscale on their website and documentation:

Hope this helps!



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