Linode DNS config for iCloud custom email domain?

Apple recently started offering the ability to provide email hosting for custom domains via your iCloud account, which of course requires some DNS configuration. Has anyone had success using Linode’s DNS manager to set the appropriate records?

I’ve done so, and they appear to match what Apple is asking for exactly, but Apple’s setup process just continually seems to reject the DKIM TXT record. I’d be interested to know if anyone has managed to set this up via Linode, and if so, whether you had to deviate from Apple’s automated instructions.

I’ve used dig on the relevant domain to check the DNS has propagated etc; it’s been several days of this now. Apple’s error messages are as opaque and useless as ever (literally just “Check DKIM record”), with no info on what they retrieved and how it deviates from what they want.

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I haven't tried setting this up, though I did find this page on Apple's support page that I think should have what you need:

Set up an existing domain with iCloud Mail

The link above is from this page, which has some more details on setting this up, including the things needed outside of DNS configuration changes:

Add a custom email domain for iCloud Mail on


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