Need to find the BeEF demo site directory?

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I just deployed the Linode BeEF Marketplace One-Click App and I'm looking for the demo site directory.

Based on the GitHub Wiki File Organization section, it'd seem that there should be a directory in the following direction but when I try changing directories it doesn't work:

beefy@45-79-168-80:~$ cd /usr/share/beef-xss/extensions/demos/html/
-bash: cd: /usr/share/beef-xss/extensions/demos/html/: No such file or directory

Thanks in advance!

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Hi there,

I'm not very familiar with BeEF, but I deployed my own BeEF OCA and after exploring the filesystem a bit, it looks like I found the directory you are after.

You see, it looks like the way this OCA deployment works, there's a user directory located at "/home/beef" and you can see the contents for my deployment below:

beefy@45-79-168-80:~$ ls /home/beef
arerules                       docs                         privkey.pem
beef                           extensions                   Rakefile
beef_cert.pem                  fullchain.pem      
beef.db                        Gemfile                      RESTful-API.postman_collection.json
beef_key.pem                   Gemfile.lock                 scripts
BeEF.postman_environment.json  generate-certificate         spec
config.yaml                    googlef1d5ff5151333109.html  start_beef
_config.yml                    install                      test
conf.json                      INSTALL.txt                  tools
core                           modules                      update-beef
doc                            package.json                 VERSION
Dockerfile                     package-lock.json

After seeing that, it didn't take me long to find the demo site directory's location, i.e.

beefy@45-79-168-80:~$ ls /home/beef/extensions/demos/html
adobe_flash_update.crx  ajax-loader.gif  beef.jpg  clickjacking  report.html       sound.wav
adobe_flash_update.png  basic.html       butcher   plain.html    secret_page.html

There's also some seemingly meaningful files located at the root directory by the way:

beefy@45-79-168-80:~$ sudo ls /root

I hope that helps!



You can put your demo site in this directory /var/www/certs


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