Change common prefix of many DNS AAAA records in one operation

I have numerous AAAA records that are all on a common network prefix. If the Internet provider changes the network prefix, it would be great to be able to change the common prefix of all these AAAA records in a single operation, rather than having to edit them one-by-one. How can that be done?

Secondly, if I want to automate this using Linode's API for DNS changes, is there a simple way to do it via the API?

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This sounds like something you would script using the Linode's API. I don't know all the endpoints you'd need, but the basics would be to use an API key with access to the domains you want to change, go through each domain entry that you desire to alter, then compare its IPV6 address with the one containing the altered prefix, at which point, you would replace the old prefix with the new one. It may involve use of regular expressions to get it to work properly and efficiently, just thinking about it makes me think it could be somewhat complicated. I believe it could be done, though.


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