How do login in my lish console?

How do login in my lish console? Real example please and where to find login ID !!

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To log into the Lish console, you'll want to select "Launch Lish Console" from your Linode's page in the Cloud Manager. You can also connect to Lish via SSH by following these steps. Once you have the Lish terminal open, you can type the username that you use to log into your Linode normally; this may be different than the login details you use to log into Cloud Manager. If you didn't create a separate user, this will be the username root. You then click Enter, and a password prompt will appear. This will be the same password you use to log into your Linode. If you are using the root login, you'll use the password that you set up your Linode with. If you need to reset the root password, you can do so by following these steps. You won't see asteriks or other symbols appear when you type in your password, but Lish is still accepting input. Click Enter after you finish typing your password and you'll be logged into your Linode via Lish.


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