How do I get my browser to work on the glish after installing a User Interface

Hello, I have a Ubuntu Linux server running. I followed one of your instructions on how to get a user interface on the glish which worked but I couldn’t access the browser on it. How can you help me

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It looks like you may have used this guide to set up your GUI. I followed the same guide and encountered an input/output error when selecting the web browser. The error that xfce4 returned was "Couldn't find a suitable web browser!
Set the BROWSER environment variable to your desired browser." This indicates that you'll need to install a web browser and set it to your default in order to use a web browser in the graphical interface. You can do this using your Linode's package manager, such as sudo apt install chromium-browser to install Chromium, or you can use wget to install Google Chrome or another web browser of your choice. Once you do so, you'll be able to use that program to browse the web.

Thanks, was very helpful.


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