docker webapp not opening

I created a docker webapp and mapped it to port 8080 but it does no open. Docker logs show Started Application in 18.093 seconds, Why does it not open

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Are you getting a specific error message when you try to visit your app, or is it timing out? Do your Docker logs have any error messages? If you're using a reverse proxy to serve your app, you'll want to check the logs for that service as well to see if there are error messages that indicate the issue. Another thing to check would be your firewall on your Linode - make sure that port 8080 is allowed. If you have more log output to share, please feel free to post it here as a comment so the Linode Community can take a look!

The logs stopped at: Started Application in 18.093 seconds
I did a work around I was using ubuntu 22, i downgraded to 18.04 then it worked.


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