How to fix mysql error?

Hi, when i apt update, i saw some warnings for mysql. And when i check mysql error log i am seeing these kind of things. I havent done anything wrong about mysql. And now i can not apt update server. It is saying "unable to start server" How can i solve those problem? thank you.

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When posting to a public forum like this, it's helpful to include specific error messages and steps you've taken so far. Having the benefit of locating your Support ticket with the same issue, I wanted to provide some helpful links here.

In the ticket, we provided these links:

Essentially, it looked like the Linode required additional memory resources. This can be resolved by resizing a Linode to a larger plan, though you might also have success after running mysqltuner on your Linode. This tool helps to identify opportunities to improve the performance of your MySQL instance.


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