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Dear community members,

I would like to know about what should we review in the settings page to set thresholds when we receive the outbound traffic rate.

Please help me to find out what needs to be done.

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Linode Staff

The email alerts can be configured to alert at whichever threshold you deem best suited for your workflow. This includes disabling them completly as well.

As for what that specific alert is messaging you about, you will need to review internal services on your Linode itself. The alerts are sent based on the behavior the host machine reports regarding your Linode. Because we do not have access to the internals of your Linode, the alerts will not include a cause or any other identifying information about what caused this alert.

To check out network traffic on your Linode, I found a post online that has a couple of different tools that you can choose from that help you identify what service(s) caused the alert:

17 Useful Bandwidth Monitoring Tools to Analyze Network Usage in Linux

On caveat to keep in mind is that outbound transfer is prorated. This can mean that the alert is triggered if you went over the prorated transfer available for a Linode that was only on your account for part of the month, not the entire month. That means if a plan has 2TB of transfer and you only have it on your account for 14 days of a month, you would only have 1TB of transfer available to that Linode.


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