Managed DB, LKE cluster

I want some of my pods to have access to a managed DB.
What's the best way to configure access control (e.g allow the whole cluster to have access)?

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Linode Staff


To give your whole cluster access, you could use the private network host to connect your LKE cluster to your managed DB. Communicating over a private network does require your managed DB and your LKE cluster to be located in the same datacenter. You would want to add the private IP range to your Access Controls on your Managed DB Summary page, which would prevent you needing to reconfigure access when your nodes get recycled.

As of right now, LKE and DBaaS aren’t designed to directly interact with each other, but our teams are looking into potentially streamlining this in the future.

Hopefully this workaround gets things working for you! Let us know how it goes.

Hi @pgoebel, Is there a more streamlined way now? Or is this still the recommended solution?


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