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Why it's so easy to delete a Linode?

Why it's so easy to delete an active Linode?

I'm expecting at least some confirmation with typing or something prior deleting the linode. similar like how you rebuild.

I suggest to perform at least 2 step or my best step as i suggest below

  1. Stop the linode if it is running
  2. Delete Linode
  3. Confirmation Popup with requirement to type keyword or even with TOTP
  4. Send notification via email
  5. Time frame 1 hour before actual purge (with selection of immediate purge require by click link sent via e-mail)

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@vimobe appreciate the feedback, other customers have requested this as well – we'll be sure to track it internally for future consideration.

Many customers use linode as an “on-demand” service. They spin up & destroy Linodes in response to their workload using automation. In that sort of environment, all the safeguards you suggest would be really annoying (and costly).

— sw

Linode Staff

@vimobe in addition to what stevewi said, we also (likely) capture an image of your delete Linode's disks – so you can usually easily redeploy within a few minutes.

Yes, maybe we could have at least one additional step/feature as option to turn on or off the lock system before deletion for production server?

Thanks guys

Thanks jackley..

No matter secure our system, sometimes we are relaxed at home did not log out until our curious lovely children decided to play with our computer and accidentally delete the server :D

take care

Very much agree with @vimobe - to not even have a 'are you sure you want to delete' seems bonkers, esp when it's on the main options menu for all Linodes.

For those worried about impact on automation then this could easily just be a flag that users set for production servers where they don't want them easily deleted.

At @jackley any update on how this is progressing as a request given it's been over four months now?

Yes, it would be nice to have a LOCK feature on individual instances (turned off by default).

To UNLOCK, if 2FA enabled, you should re-authorize before it's allowed.

Similar to how domain registrars let you lock changes to your domain.


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