Any way to namespace instances/linodes in an account?

I want to namespace/quarantine off some instances in the linode console. Something similar to DigitalOcean's 'projects'. An example use case would be for grouping linodes of certain domains together, or for separating prod nodes from dev nodes.

I know we can tag them but since theres no termination protection yet, my fear is someone on my team accidentally deletes a prod/customer node. Having it namespaced where they'd visually see its a prod node would give that extra bit of protection until we get termination protection (if thats even in the plan still).

Also, is it against the rules to create multiple accounts (for example, one for prod only nodes and one for dev teams to use)?

While googling to find the answer, people seem to refer to linode accounts as actual linode instances/nodes.

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Your Linodes are assigned to your login at There are no logical subdivisions beyond that (à la DO "projects").

-- sw


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