How do I use DD to make an image of a Linode and save it to an external Linux server

I have a number of linodes which I need to have a long term backup stored off the Linode environment.

I have attempted to use DD to write an image file across to a Windows PC. That does not work.

The detail I have is to use PuTTy on the destination Linux device (UBUNTU 14.04) connecting to the source device (UBUNTU 20.04)and issue the following:

ssh root@172.nnn.nnn.nnn "dd if=/dev/sda " of=/home/scrmlinode.img

This errors with "No space left on device"

I think this error means the output is attempting to copy to the source (172.nnn.nnn.nnn) and there is no space left on the source (172.nnn.nnn.nnn), because it is only 50GB anyway.

All responses are appreciated.

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@bernardgbailey Based on the command string you shared in your question, it looks like your missing the |.

An example in below:

ssh root@ "dd if=/dev/sda " | dd of=/home/archive/linode.img status=progress

The following guide has some additional information that may be useful.

Copy the disk over SSH from the origin Linode to the receiving system. Run the following command on the receiving system, replacing with the origin Linode’s IP address and /home/archive/linode.img with the path where you want to store the disk.

Copy and Download the Disk


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