How do I transfer my linode hosting to godaddy?

How do I transfer my linode hosting to Godaddy and still maintain my website active without having any issue with my website

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  • Create an account with GoDaddy
  • Add your domain name to the account, adding it allocates disk space.
  • Move your files and database to the allocated space on GoDaddy.
  • Change nameservers at your registry to point to GoDaddy.
  • Wait a while for propagation.

Why anyone would want to host at GoDaddy is beyond my comprehension. I'd recommend Pair Networks or Dreamhost.

Just an addendum to @acanton77 ‘s response…

All of this will involve downtime for your site so if you depend on 24/7 operation for purposes of revenue generation, you’re going to lose money in addition to the fixed costs by doing this.

I have to agree with @acanton77 ‘s opinion of GoDaddy. Their shared hosting just sucks. I can’t comment on their VPS hosting…I assume they have this.

Dreamhost is not much better…terrible support.

— sw

Dreamhost is not much better…terrible support.

They used to be pretty good in support and people say they still are.

I've hosted with Pair Networks for the past 18 years and they are terrific. I've had shared, dedicated, and VPS with them. However they are managed servers… no root permission like Linode… and Linode is way cheaper for VPS as well as a bit faster.

We ( put all of our clients who don't already have hosting on Pair. We never hear of problems.

I use a small $8/mo shared account on Pair these days just for mail service.

Maybe try migrating to Digital Ocean and definitely avoid GoDaddy!


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