Minecraft Server experiencing multiple issues


Recently, I've started running a Minecraft server using the Marketplace App setup for me and my friends. However, soon after running it for a bit, I noticed severe lagging server-side, server crashing, and chunks not loading. I've tried moving around server resources (upgrading and downgrading, both dedicated and shared), although I don't think the server was ever underpowered at any time. I have minimal experience with Linux as a whole, and I'm really just not sure where I went wrong.
Most recently, I tried migrating the server closer to our physical location (from Atlanta to Toronto), however, that changed the IP address of the server, and now neither of the IP addresses work to access it. I'm getting very nervous that I may have lost our world to my incompetence. Is it possible you can help me out?

Thank you so much!

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"however, that changed the IP address of the server, and now neither of the IP addresses work to access it"

Weblish and Glish do not require IPs to be allowed or not. It's just a matter of signing into your Linode account and then clicking the 3 dots on the right side of the cloud.linode.com/linodes page or "Launch Lish Console" if you already see that. You should be able to enter commands there as long as the server isn't frozen or something.

I recommend using Firefox for the Weblish console that should open after launching the lish console.

If that doesn't work:

I haven't ran a MC server myself so I'm not really familiar with that side of this but if you boot the linode into Rescue mode you should be able to get your world file(s) off it if they are saved.

Once in rescue mode do these 4 commands:

mkdir mylinodefiles
mount -o loop /dev/sda mylinodefiles
service ssh start

Note that passwd will have you enter a password, this password will be wiped after you leave rescue mode. The password is necessary to use ssh in Rescue mode however. With ssh enabled you should be able to use an SFTP app like Filezilla and transfer files from it. Assuming you installed everything as root (which you probably did being new to linux) sign in to Filezilla:

Then double click the "mylinodefiles" folder
Then double click root (or whatever username you used).
You should then be in the normal Linode's home directory where you can transfer the files.


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