XRDP Setup on Kali (Marketplace image)

Hi, today I deployed a kali linux linode using the marketplace image.
After the installation, I managed to install the vnc server to connect using a graphical GUI but the vnc connection its actually much slower than direct connection so I'm trying to setup the RDP.
I installed xrdp and succesfully started the server but somehow the rdp service is not working. Whenever I try to connect the machine isn't reacheable.

I used the commands below

sudo service xrdp start
sudo service xrdp-sesman start
sudo update-rc.d xrdp enable

and checked server stauts with:

sudo service xrdp status
everything looks fine

Any idea on possible causes or fix?
Thanks in advance for any help!

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I've used VNC server on multiple Kali and Ubuntu Linodes and I didn't experience any slowness in the connection. There could be an issue with your home internet and is worth looking into. I followed this Community Site post below and which installs xfce4 to use with TightVNC. Maybe you could try that to see if that makes any difference.

How do I configure VNC on my Kali Linode?


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