Kernel modules in UML

This will sound like a noob question because it probably is. I'm looking at installing a vpn with pptpd and I need to find out whether MPPE is enabled as a kernel module in my current system. Is there a file somewhere which is a dump of the .config file? Or can someone tell me if 2.4.29-linode39-1um has MPPE enabled in the kernel?



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$ uname -r
$ zgrep MPPE /proc/config.gz



$ uname -r
$ zgrep MPPE /proc/config.gz

Thats for a 2.6 kernel.. he is running a 2.4 kernel.. regardless

which states that mppe is compiled in

Awesome, thanks guys :) i must have missed that thread when scanning through. Much appreciated

Yeah, my bad. Had thought /proc/config.gz was in mainline 2.4.

HA! - I thought this topic was "Linux kernel modules in

Unified Modeling Language" - duh. Like UML was used.

Maybe I need a vacation.



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