VPS Linode instances p2p legal media traffic connection

Hi All,

sorry, do you think anything i need to take notes / concerns if i plan to put some media server instance in vps Linode & if my plan this through for p2p legal media ? (eg using peertube)

Does in linode policy are there any terms regarding handling p2p traffic ?

Many thanks & appreciate any thoughts.

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I would be sure to review our Terms of Service to ensure that all of your activity is above-board, but P2P media sharing isn't inherently illegal or against the rules on its own. As long as you are not distributing copyrighted material in a way that breaks the law, self-hosted media serving should be totally fine.

If your activity is flagged as somehow breaking copyright law, we will open a ticket on your account asking you to stop the activity and confirm that the copyrighted material is no longer present. You are afforded a few days to respond to these tickets before any network restrictions are required, so please be sure to reply accordingly.


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