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I'm developing a website using Symfony framework and I intend to host it in Linode.

More than a hosting service, I'm looking forward to learn about server administration so Linode will definitely be my choice.

The problem is, I had never configured a web server in my life and I'm really concerned about security. Albeit that I'm very motivated to learn about these issues.

I was interested in Debian distribution but I found the Ubuntu Server Guide that seems a pretty good tutorial-like starting point, aimed at beginners.

Can someone experienced with web servers tell if the link above contains everything I need to know? I just need the basics of a hosting service but security is a concern.

Thanks a lot.

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Looks good. Same stuff should apply to Debian which I personally prefer for servers (but thats totally a personal preference).

The section on Apache2 is great because I've seen a lot of admins ignore the handy a2enmod, a2ensite, etc. commands and just build huge unmanageable config files (like shudder webmin does).

Thanks for posting the link. While I've setup quite a few Debian servers and Ubuntu desktops, it never hurts to have another reference source handy!


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