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Shell script question

Anyone out there in Linode-land know of a (semi-)foolproof way of determining whether a path is a device file or not? For example:

  • /dev/sda is a device file; and
  • /var/tmp is not a device file.

Socket files (e.g., /var/run/php-fpm.sock) are not device files.


-- sw

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Never mind… I think I found the answer. From man test (Doh!):

     -b file       True if file exists and is a block special file.

     -c file       True if file exists and is a character special file.

The devices I'm interested in are all character-special files (SATA/USB drives)… I'm working on unifying two shell scripts that do backups -- one to files on USB drives (home use) and the other to files on Linode block storage (Linode use)…so I only have to maintain one.

-- sw


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