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My linode has been unreachable for a few days now. I signed into my Linode Yesterday, and when I ran sudo ip a It shows that my resolvers do not include the address for my box. Researching this problem on the internet, I found instructions on how to fix system resolve to do this, but I'm not sure the command to run. The instructions weren't very clear. Is there a way to fix this, if so how? I've not been able to find this in the Linode Documentation, despite that I remember seeing something about this very thing when I started here in 2020.

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The role of resolvers is for DNS lookups originating from your Linode. If your Linode is unreachable, I don't think it would be the resolvers at fault. We have a Troubleshooting Basic Connection Issues guide that could help with identifying where the issue is. In many cases, a reboot with Network Helper enabled will help to bring up networking interfaces automatically. This tool also automatically configures resolvers by editing your /etc/resolv.conf file with resolvers assigned to your Linode's data center.


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