Nobody is processing tickets?

ticket number 17967556 from 2022-08-03 14:50(UTC+8) to now, no any reponse

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At least you were able to file a ticket. I tried just now (my backups aren't running because Duplicity can't get through to object storage), but got an error. I also ran into some weirdness just getting this forum to allow me to post this reply. What's going on here?

Same issue here, a ticket opened on 2022-08-04 18:53 got no response so far.

I'm a very happy customer of Linode for more than a decade. This never happened before. I want to believe they are going through an extraordinarily adverse situation that prevents the team from working tickets. But I'm getting pretty anxious as we learned to rely on their support.

Hope to see it resolved soon and to continue to be a Linode fan and long time customer.

response time 2022-08-05 01:45(UTC+8).

Hope it doesn't become the next contabo

Linode was bought out by a mega-large company.

What were you expecting?

Better service?

FWIW, the ticket system started working sometime this afternoon. I put one in for the problem I was having with Duplicity not talking to Linode object storage. First reply was within an hour and a half, and I ended up closing the ticket after some additional testing due to what turned out to be a regression in the latest version of Duplicity. I pushed an older, known-working version to Docker Hub, pulled that into the server, and now my backups are running again.

Normal service, not abnormal service (response in a few days).

To be bought should be good to be acquired, not to be bought and become worse.
This is no reason to be slow to process.


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