Nobody is processing tickets?

ticket number 17967556 from 2022-08-03 14:50(UTC+8) to now, no any reponse

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At least you were able to file a ticket. I tried just now (my backups aren't running because Duplicity can't get through to object storage), but got an error. I also ran into some weirdness just getting this forum to allow me to post this reply. What's going on here?

Same issue here, a ticket opened on 2022-08-04 18:53 got no response so far.

I'm a very happy customer of Linode for more than a decade. This never happened before. I want to believe they are going through an extraordinarily adverse situation that prevents the team from working tickets. But I'm getting pretty anxious as we learned to rely on their support.

Hope to see it resolved soon and to continue to be a Linode fan and long time customer.

response time 2022-08-05 01:45(UTC+8).

Hope it doesn't become the next contabo

Linode was bought out by a mega-large company.

What were you expecting?

Better service?

FWIW, the ticket system started working sometime this afternoon. I put one in for the problem I was having with Duplicity not talking to Linode object storage. First reply was within an hour and a half, and I ended up closing the ticket after some additional testing due to what turned out to be a regression in the latest version of Duplicity. I pushed an older, known-working version to Docker Hub, pulled that into the server, and now my backups are running again.

Normal service, not abnormal service (response in a few days).

To be bought should be good to be acquired, not to be bought and become worse.
This is no reason to be slow to process.

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I haven't ran into issues that required Linode's intervention since before it got bought by Akamai. But before that happened it never took me that long to get a response from Linode staff. Usually I'd get a response within a few hours up to about a day at most. I'm not a huge customer or anything like that.

This seems to reflect poorly on Akamai, unless maybe it's just part of a transitional phase which is a little more understandable. But it is quite worrying if this turn's out to be the norm for Akamai's version of Linode.

Even one week before getting a response is just not really acceptable under normal circumstances. Let alone several weeks or more. That kind of lack of support goes to free tier, which does not seem to be an option anyways.

I remember the time when Linode responses were minutes at best, now it's much longer at best. However, this was back in 2010 when Linode was coming out with their backup service. They'd only been around for seven years at that point, approximately, and as a result, they probably didn't have as big a customer base. Also, they did one thing back then. Let you spin up a VPS with the chosen Linux distribution you wanted, and maybe the use of a stackscript. That was it. They didn't have any other services other than some IP routing, which you had to manually set up and perform yourself. Now, they have block storage, GPU instances, object storage, a firewall, VLANs, one-click installs, more data centers, and because they've been around longer, they probably have a larger customer base as well. I know they have a larger employee base as well, based on blog posts, from 19 at the lowest I can remember, to over a hundred now.

Despite all this, I agree, a week response time is quite high. However, I think it should be kept in mind that Linode undoubtedly receives support requests that are outside any of their infrastructure or its support. I've seen people on the community posting support requests on performing operating system related tasks with software they've tried, or are trying to set up themselves. No problem there if that's inside the scope of Linode support, but unless the virtualization isn't working as expected or something's wrong with the network, any of the infrastructure Linode's run on, or basic assistance is needed with the use of some of the managed services they have available, they probably aren't under any obligation to answer operating system specific questions, or any software you're using. I could be wrong about all that, but they do try and go out of their way to answer tickets outside their scope of support that they would be obligated to provide, if they've not changed anything within the last several years, that is.

Also, it's been stated that if you require immediate assistance, you can call Linode and receive support that way. I've done this a few different times for specific tasks, and I've always received prompt support. Some of the more complicated tasks may take a half hour or more, but at least I got an immediate response and it was being worked on immediately.

I do hope support gets better, but if Linode continues to add more services, I doubt the response times will do anything but increase, unfortunately. There is something to be said for a company that does one thing and does it well, rather than trying to do a number of different things and do them well. The days of minute response times on support tickets are probably gone forever, it's sad to see that go.


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