After software updates, I could not reboot the server. Site down

I am on Ubuntu server running a PHP-based website. I use Virtualmin to manage the server. After updating the software via Virtualmin, I clicked to reboot the server. However, it crashed the server instead.

Is there a way to reboot directly on console instead of Virtualmin?

Ah, I found the "Reboot" menu item on by clicking the 3 dots. Problem solved.

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Looks like the software updates took down the site. I'm not a server administrator, so it looks like I will need to close this linode down and move it to a managed hosting solution.

Connect to the server using LISH. (See your Linode dashboard).
You'll be able to watch the reboot process and see any error messages that may be popping up during the startup.

I ran into this when upgrading Ubuntu at some point, a software package installed a while back was causing an error because of some old ini files. Simple fix, but took a while to figure it out since it seemed to be killing the startup process.


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