Upgrade from Ubuntu 20.04 to 22.04


I've been reading a few of the threads on upgrading Ubuntu on Linode. None of the advised options seem great, and I'm struggling to see why the do-release-upgrade method would cause issues.

I run the smallest Linode 1Gb RAM, 25Gb disk as a personal mail and web server (LAMP), and that's about it. Don't even have python to worry about :-) The idea of building another server and moving the configuration and data over just seems crazy and very time consuming.

Are there any other options to do this?

Many thanks

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The (very) few times I upgraded my Ubuntu Linode in place worked well for me. The only hitch was the first time when I started the upgrade from an ssh session and the output migrated to the console (lish) in the middle suddenly.

Once I figured that out and started watching the console, everything seemed to be going fine.

All that being said:

  • don't do your upgrade from an ssh session…do it from the console;
  • make sure all your services (web, mail, etc) are stopped before starting your upgrade (if you're at the console, you can count sshd in this list); and
  • take a snapshot or otherwise fully back up your Linode before starting your upgrade (in case something goes wrong, you can get back to your starting point easily).

-- sw


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