[Feature Request] Treat IP Addresses as resources to manage separately

Coming back to linode after being on GCP for a few years, one feature I really liked over there was that they treated IP Addresses at resources that were managed separately from compute instances. This is nice to make sure if an instance accidentally gets deleted, you retain the same IP.

One reason I want this feature on Linode is that I'm going to try hosting my own mail server, and IP reputation is important here. Being able to maintain one would be nice.

It looks like Vultr charges $3/month always for reserved IPs. GCP and DO both will charge for reserved IPs only if they are not associated with a live instance. (I like the GCP/DO model). I'd love this feature here as well.

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Linode Staff

Hey @jwendel!

Thanks a lot for the feedback. We always appreciate hearing this kind of stuff from our customers. I've gone ahead and added your request for this feature to our internal tracker. While I can't say when or if this will be added to our platform, I can say we'll reach back out to you here if we add it.

One work-around you may want to consider is keeping a single $5 Linode active on your account that can be used hold the IP if you're not using it. You can then use the IP Transfer functionality in Cloud Manager to swap it out with another Linode's IP address if necessary. It's a bit of extra work but achieves the same goal.

Thanks again!


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