How do I allow fix error access from Linode to Ant Media Community Edition in Chrome?

After about 10 different ways to try and fix the push from Linode running IP: in another window I continually receive a connection error:

"This site can’t be reached refused to connect.

Checking the connection
Checking the proxy and the firewall

I went through many troubleshooting attempts to no avail. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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It's possible not enough time passed between when you provisioned your Linode and when you attempted to access your Ant Media Server. While the Estimated Deployment Time is roughly 2-5 minutes, I waited about 10 minutes until I attempted to access my server on port 5080 and was greeted with the "Create First Account" login screen.

You can also see if the Marketplace app installed successfully by checking the /var/log/stackscript.log file. It should look like this:

root@localhost:~# tail /var/log/stackscript.log
  inflating: ant-media-server/ant-media-server-service.jar  
  inflating: ant-media-server/  
  inflating: ant-media-server/  
  inflating: ant-media-server/  
  inflating: ant-media-server/  
  inflating: ant-media-server/  
JAVA_HOME : /usr/lib/jvm/java-11-openjdk-amd64/
Created symlink /etc/systemd/system/ → /etc/systemd/system/antmedia.service.
Ant Media Server is installed and started.

If your /var/log/stackscript.log output is something different, I suggest deleting your Ant Media Server and spinning up a new one.

You may also want to check out this video from our YouTube channel titled Create Your Own 24/7 YouTube Live Stream With Ant Media on Linode to get you started.

is there any solution for it cause i have same problem with MacOS

im running the same issue ive waited up to 8 hours and it still refuses connections but when i run the enterprise version it works just fine

I was able to replicate this issue on a fresh deployment of the AntMedia Community Edition from the Marketplace. There was a relatively recent version release Ant Media server which is causing an issue with the application deployment. I went ahead and let the Marketplace Team know so once this is resolved, we'll be sure to update you.

As a workaround in the meantime, I was able to resolve this issue by editing and running the script titled StackScript located in the root user's home directory after the instance is up and running.

When you open that file with a text editor you just need to change 2.5.1 to 2.5.3 on the following line and save the file:


From there, run the script with the ./StackScript command. Once that has completed, you will see the following message and your Ant Media Community server will be accessible:

JAVA_HOME : /usr/lib/jvm/java-11-openjdk-amd64/
Created symlink /etc/systemd/system/ → /etc/systemd/system/antmedia.service.
Ant Media Server is installed and started.

I wanted to let you know we've heard from the Marketplace Team who have resolved the issue. The Ant Media Community Edition should now deploy correctly.

I am experiencing the same issue. I have spun up several servers, re-run the installation script, and checked the version in the log file.


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