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Missing Linode Promo Code

Linode Staff

I thought I had a promotional code applied, but I am unable to find my credit. What should I do, and where can I locate it?

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New customer accounts can see their promotional balance from the Account tab of the Cloud Manager.

If you signed up expecting a promo code, but don't see one on the Account tab, it's possible your promo code wasn't applied correctly on signup. Please contact Linode Support through the Cloud Manager to get help with this issue.

@hdiep Why go through the hastle creating a ticket just to get the promo code applied :/

@ardit If the promotional code was not applied correctly during the creation of your account, a browser extension or ad blocker may have unintentionally interfered with the signup form. In that case, you'll need to notify our Support team so they can apply this one time promotional code of $100 to your account. Otherwise, you may miss out on this offer.

I just registered to linode using promo code on my student website https://pasinggrades.com/ but the code did not apply.


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