Just setup object storage, sync to it is slow

So I'm migrating data off the VM disk to object storage and waiting on the rsync job to finish

I mounted the bucket using s3fuse anbd when to move the 8gb of data from the linode ($5 tier) to the bucket it's running REALLY slow.

I have the bucket and linode in the Atlanta data center so kinda suprised by how slow this is. Am I being rate limited or is this a s3 limitation on writing data? Should I expect poor performance when reading the data as I'm using this for a docker volume for a small open source virtual tabletop project called PlanarAlly.

Should I be using Volumes for this instead?

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Should I be using Volumes for this instead?

Boy! Howdy! That's what I would do! The completion time of your task will decrease by several orders of magnitude…and you won't need s3fuse either (probably the culprit…along with network latency…here).

-- sw

Ultimately because the write performance was so slow I elected to use volumes instead. Lighted I think I overbought at 50gb for a data set thats under 10gb, but that means I can use that for something else I guess, lmao.


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