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Is attacking my own server on Linode legal?

Hi there,
The other day, I launched my Nginx server with Linode. I'm a total newbie on Linode. Following a tutorial by HackerSploit on Red Team called "Red Team Adversary Emulation with Caldera", I became aware of it. He appears to be running Linux and Windows operating systems on Linode and attacking them. Once I realized Linode didn't offer Windows servers, I began to doubt my notion. So, I have to ask, is attacking my own Linode server legal? Definitely, I don't want to do anything illegal.
Your direction is greatly appreciated. My sincere thanks.

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Hi there,

This sounds like a great way to learn ethical hacking! A good rule of thumb when it comes to these sorts of requests, as long as the activity falls within Linode's Terms of Service, then you are totally fine.

In the event the activity violates Linode's ToS, a Support ticket will be opened on your Linode to notify you. That ticket will outline any necessary steps needed to resolve the ToS violation.

I hope this information helps!



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