Volume is empty after migration to new host


Have had a volume attached to my Linode since April used to store big files and it has been working fine since. However, last week I was forced to move to a new host as my old host reached EOL and we had ~2 migration downtime. Everything booted up normal but my volume was suddenly empty, no files all folder, everything gone.

Linode support first thought the volume wasn't mounted correct and after several hours of looking into this, it cannot be mounted at all.

umount command says the volume isn't mounted.
mount command (according to show config tab) does not give any error messages etc but df -h says the volume is not mounted.

Even tried to detach and re attach according to the docs but the volume won't mount. Have checked the paths 100 times and there are no spelling errors.

Anyone else with the same experience?

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Have had a volume connected to my Linode since April used to store enormous documents and it has been turned out great since. Be that as it may, last week I had to move to another host as my old host arrived at EOL and we had ~2 relocation free time. All that booted up ordinary yet my volume was unexpectedly vacant, no documents all envelope, everything gone.

Just in case, have you checked your file system for errors? Is there even a file system still on the volume? If you have an ext filesystem, the command may be something like this.

e2fsck -f /path/to/device

It could also be fsck.ext4 or one of the other fsck variants, depending on which file system you have. Try that, and see if it's able to help you. Otherwise, it seems strange that your volume should have seemingly lost all its data.


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