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If a linode vm is attacked by DDOS and the default protection fails, how does the linode platform deal with this vm, does it throw the vm into a black hole? if yes, when the DDOS attack disappears, will linode restore this vm?

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Hey @JamesQian!

This is a great question. Linode's Advanced Cloud DDoS Protection will prevent most styles of DDoS attack while primarily being focused on preventing large-scale attacks that would affect the entire data center. With this in mind, it's still possible that certain size or types of attacks are not picked up by the DDoS Protection.

If the attack is confirmed to be affecting other customers on the same host as your server or the wider infrastructure, mitigation steps are taken that remove your Linode from the network. Periodic checks are made to your server to see if the DDoS attack has subsided. Once it has, connectivity is then restored to your Linode.


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