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I was hoping to post this before the slave domain changes were done, but apparently I am moving a little slowly this Monday - I guess I need even more coffee. The following is just my wish list for the DNS manager, the only one that is affecting me directly at the moment is #1 (IPv6 RDNS).

1) Reverse DNS Entries for IPv6 Hosts

Trying to be a good citizen, I went ahead and got a Sixxs tunnel/subnet for my small website (one less IPv4 only website). Currently I am able to do all of my IPv4 DNS through the DNS manager which keeps one less process off of the virtual host. With IPv6, I am able to enter AAAA records, but no corresponding PTR records are generated for the IPv6 addresses. Short version: can we automatically generate PTR records for the AAAA records entered through the DNS manager? It's not a problem at the moment, but as more IPv6 mail hosts come online they might start rejecting connections due to host lookup failures (IPv6).

2) Reverse DNS for IPv6 Subnets

This one is probably half baked, sorry, but hopefully the general idea makes it through. Right now I have a subnet allocated via Sixxs, even if PTR records for the AAAA records entered were being generated, it might not address the subnet needs completely. It would be nice to be able to enter the wildcard PTR records for IPv6 for one or more sub-domains. For example, my subnet is 2001:4830:1655::/48 and I might enter the following wildcards (catch-alls):

2001:4830:1655::/48           avongauss.info
2001:4830:1655:1::/64        subdomain1.avongauss.info
2001:4830:1655:2::/64        subdomain2.avongauss.info

The theory being that if there isn't an exact match based on an AAAA entry, that the domain would at least catch. I believe this is done through * records in the zone file (i.e. *.

3) Group A/AAAA Records by Host Name

What would be nice is on the DNS manager screen is to group the A/AAAA records by host name and edit the entries for a given host name as a single item. When I press the edit button for "www", it would take me to secondary screen where I could edit all of the addresses for "www". From the secondary screen, it would also be nice to be able to select the order of the addresses (i.e. move up / move down). The re-order part is not critical to me, but if someone had multiple servers the order might be important (i.e. west/east linodes).


www        2001:4830:1655:##::1      Default      [Edit]  [Remove]

mail       2001:4830:1655:##::1      Default      [Edit]  [Remove]

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I second the request for PTR support in the DNS manager, even if we have to make separate xxx.ip6.arpa zones and populate them ourselves.

12.5 years later, and I am looking for similar features.

It is easy to create a support request to grant you a /56, which gives 256 /64s. I would like the add reverse DNS to these IPs, but that is currently impossible for anything except the single subnet IP.

EDIT: It is possible for the ranges, it is just not obvious how to do it. While editing rdns, you can edit the IP field. Changing it and saving creates additional entries and does not replace.

Linode Staff

Thanks for that feedback, @georgyo. I have passed it along to the team to take a look into. We love getting suggestions like this, so feel free to send along any other you have. You can also send them to feedback@linode.com.

Any new features or updates will most likely be posted on our blog, so keep checking back!


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