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Overdue payment question.

So, how long after overdue payment do services get permamently deleted? I'm currently having a hard time financially and i have my email sever on a linode. cheers.

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@golferjoe Our Support team would be happy to help you out if you need a payment extension. The best way to do this is to open a Support ticket from within Cloud Manager.

Hey @golferjoe,

It is not entirely clear from your original question, but it sounds like you may be self-hosting your Linode account email address on a Linode. We don't recommend this and suggest you use an email address hosted by a third party (ie: Gmail, Yahoo, etc) for your billing and user contact info.

Should your services be interrupted and your mail server go offline for any reason it would create a single point of failure and potentially prevent you from receiving critical account notifications, ticket updates, or even disrupt account access.

Hey @jecochard!

What i meant is that i have a mail in a box server on my linode, where i store my professional and government emails :)

My actual linode account is tied to a gmail account,thank you for the answer though :)

Hey @rdaniels!

Thank you! I will look into payment extensions.

Have an amazing day :)


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