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I got a Spam Report Notification - what is this and what should I do?

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I received a ticket that stated:

We have received a notification from an FBL service that a message you have sent has been marked as spam.

It says a response to the ticket isn't required. I thought I had to respond to anything that was a Terms of Service violation, though.

What does this ticket mean, and what should I do now that I got one?

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What is an FBL? Why do these reports matter to you?

When an email recipient opens an email and decides they don’t want to see emails like this anymore, they click the spam/junk button. When the recipients do this, messages end up in their spam/junk folder.

A Feedback Loop is a process by which the mail provider passes along these complaints to the sending party.

When we receive them, we pass these along to help customers manage their mailing systems. Mail reported like this is not a violation of our MSA. Reports from an FBL are seen more as a complaint and not verified reports of spam.

What you can do:

Should too many messages get reported or sent to these folders, your mailing deliverability will suffer negatively. When multiple messages get flagged as spam or junk, your mailing reputation with the mail provider suffers. Actions taken by the mailing providers include mailing blocklists and IP blocklists. To avoid this, you can act to remove the recipient of your email.

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