Network Helper not detecting IPs after upgrade to Ubuntu 22.10

I cloned a machine after upgrading to Ubuntu 22.10 and the IPs are no longer automatically updated after reboot.

I know this is a beta version, but it will be officially released a couple days.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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While I wasn't able to recreate what you were seeing, I'm not sure what version of Ubuntu you started with and how you upgraded to Ubuntu 22.10, so I may have done something differently. I also wasn't able to find any other reports of similar issues.

That said, I know you asked this a while ago and it's possible there was an issue at the time. However, I was able to confirm that Network Helper currently works with Ubuntu 22.10, even after upgrading and cloning an instance.

We have seen issues in the past of upgrades leading to issues. For example, upgrading from Ubuntu 16.04 to 18.04 sometimes resulted in issues using Network Helper because the configuration file was not the same for the two versions, which led to Network Helper editing a file that wasn't being used.

While your situation may be different, in many cases, such issues can be avoided by upgrading using the Clean Install method rather than an inline upgrade.

In the event that Network Helper stops working, which can happen for several reasons including using an outdated or custom distro, there is always the option of manually configuring the networking for your instance. Just be sure to disable Network Helper when opting for manual configuration.


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