Missing Ant Media Server license key

Hi all,

I have booked an Ant Media Server through Linode. I was able to set up and configure everything, but I always get the error that my license key is missing. When I look in the settings the field "Submit License Key" is empty. I always get the error message afterwards. Do you know where I can get the license key from or find it?

Thanks a lot for your support!

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You have to buy it. You installed the Enterprise Edition…not the (free) Community Edition (which is bait/switch hobble-ware, IMHO). See: https://resources.antmedia.io/docs/ant-media-server-enterprise-and-community-edition

-- sw

Hi stevewi,

thank you very much for your answer :)

Of course I bought the Enterprise Edition. How is the license transferred then? Should it be transferred directly to Ant Media Server or will I receive a separate mail?


I haven't the faintest idea. Contact the Ant Media Server folks.

-- sw


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