How should I fix Hashicorp Consul using 100% CPU?

I downloaded and installed Hashicorp Consul from

I am using Linode as Consul Server and this is the configuration:

"bootstrap": true,
"bootstrap_expect": 1,
"bind_addr": "{{GetInterfaceIP \"as0t0\"}}",
"client_addr": " {{ GetPrivateIPs }}",
"advertise_addr": "",
"ui_config": {
  "enabled": true
"server": true,
"rejoin_after_leave": true,
"skip_leave_on_interrupt": true,

and this is the Systemd Service unit:

Description="HashiCorp Consul - A service mesh solution"
# ConditionFileNotEmpty=/etc/consul.d/consul.hcl

ExecStart=/usr/bin/consul agent -client -config-dir=/etc/consul.d/services/ -enable-script-checks=true -config-file=/etc/consul.d/server/config.json
ExecReload=/bin/kill --signal HUP $MAINPID


I am using Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, Consul Version is 1.13.3

this is the log result from journalctl -u consul.log

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Hi there,

I'm personally unfamiliar with Hashicorp Consul, but I wanted to share that Linode's Cloud Manager performance graphs are measured on a per core basis. If you're viewing the 100% through Cloud Manager, this means your system is using 1 vCPU core in total. Theoretically, if you have a Dedicated Linode 4GB with 2 vCPU cores, your system can go to 200% utilization in Cloud Manager. For a Dedicated Linode 8GB, the max would be 400% and so on.

According to Hashicorp, Consul supports multiple cores by default. If you're on the 1GB Nanode compute plan, I recommend resizing up to a plan with at least two vCPU cores (Shared Linode 4GB or Dedicated Linode 4GB).

Hopefully that can alleviate any concerns regarding the 100% utilization.


I doubt, I get email from linode that my linode instance is utilizing 100% cpu..

The part I don't get is why multiple processes shoots up ..


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