I want someone can help me to work on linode because it’s first time to me here
Thank you.

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If you are completely new to system administration AND you want to run a production server (i.e. website or app) you are in for a hard time.

No one that I know here has the time to teach you Linux administration.

You are best advised to find some books and/or video courses on it and then bring up a small server to "play" with and learn by trial and error (mostly error.)

People will happily help you with specific questions… but not "How do I make a website on my Linode server."

Do your homework. Work on your Linode. If you brick it, just delete it and spin up a new one and try again… and again… again. It is not that hard, it just takes time to get some experience doing it.

"Good judgement comes from experience. Most experience comes from bad judgement!"

Thanks for reply
But I have already database and website on linode and published but I get the web from someone leave my work, So I just need how can I access linode to get database and website source,
I make reset to root password and setup linux but when I write apt Install command reply Command not found, So I need someone Just help me to Install and access or course from beginning to help me.

Thank you

when I write apt Install command reply Command not found

[Emphasis mine]

  1. You need to make sure that the directory where apt lives (/sbin or /usr/sbin) is in your PATH:
export PATH=$PATH:/sbin:/usr/sbin
  1. Unless you are logged in as root, you need to run apt with sudo:
sudo apt install ...

because apt modifies files that ordinary users don't have credentials to modify.

-- sw


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