Is is just me or has the Akamai deal slowed down roll outs?

Is it just me or has the Akamai deal slow down Linode rollout of new feature? Like why has Dallas and LA not have same features as Atlanta? Same could be said for the EU market, but I don't know it to well.

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I don't think the Akamai deal has slowed down new features coming to different data centers. Dallas has been behind since object storage, which still isn't released there, along with some other things that were released before Linode merged with Akamai.

Also, keep in mind that Linode has been adding more and more to their offerings, which will make it slower for them to roll things out to new data centers, or those they've already established. More features means more complexity, potentially more customers, definitely more that can go wrong or need to be solved. The list can go on from there.



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