Docker swarm, and VLAN, Load Bal?

Would VLAN be the best solution for docker swarm w/3 linodes (2G,1G,1G) running Ubuntu/NGINX/Docker?

I don't think I want to go with Kube yet due to the price increase for 3 larger servers, learning all the kube cli scripts/commands, and unless I have larger business load demands in the future.

Will docker swarm load balance or do I have to buy node balancers instead, or are they mainly for kube?

Thanks, Curt

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VLAN should work with your use-case. There's documentation on how to get started here:

Something to keep in mind is how your traffic will egress. NodeBalancers can be used for regular Linodes, as well as LKE. You can review how they work here:

If you are interested in trying out Kubernetes, but are worried about pricing, you can always try creating your own cluster using K3S.


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