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Is it possible to run an eve-ng lab in linode?

I have seen that you can run Eve-NG on GCP and since I am already using linode, thought I would try build it here instead, but I can't seem to see anything that suggests it is possible?

Does anyone know if it is?

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I'll preface my answer by saying that I'm not particularly familiar with Eve-NG, but I did take a look over the system requirements mentioned in their documentation found here:

The first requirement on their list is an Intel CPU. While the Linode fleet does have some Intel CPU's, it's a relatively small percentage of the overall number of available hosts, and you do not get to choose which CPU is assigned to you ahead of time.

The next thing I noticed is that Eve-NG appears to rely on some level of nested-virtualization, which is not supported currently on the Linode platform.

Based on the information in their system requirements, I suspect that Eve-NG would not run on a Linode instance.


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