How do I keep a docker marketplace instance running after linode-cli launch

I want to launch a linode instance that has docker pre-installed (from the marketplace. I can do so successfully from the Cloud Manager web interface.

BUT, when using the cli command
linode-cli linodes create --stackscript_id 607433 --type g6-standard-1 --region us-east --root_pass xxxxxx

The command results in an instance provisioning then going offline. When clicking start the error No bootable config found for Linode ID 41387371

How do I create a running instance of a linode with docker (using the cli)?

This ticker is related to this one:

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Looking over the CLI command you used, I can see that you did not specify an Image. Since the Docker deployment is available on Debian 10 & 11, and Ubuntu 20.04 LTS you will need to specify one of these three for proper deployment.

Additionally, Since the Docker Marketplace application (and stackscript) have a few user-defined fields (UDFs), you can also include some additional parameters in your CLI command to get your application to deploy a bit more customized.

While the CLI will not return a robust output of the UDFs, you can use the API these fields using the following API call:

curl | json_pp

You will see the Images available:

"images" : [

Along with the other UDFs. I went ahead and translated a few of them from the JSON to the following CLI command:

linode-cli linodes create \
 --label docker-linode \
 --root_pass $Complicated@Password! \
 --booted true \
 --stackscript_id 607433 \
 --stackscript_data '{"username": "tlambert", "password": "!DifferentPW!"}' \
 --image linode/ubuntu20.04 \
 --region us-east \
 --type g6-standard-2 \

This deploys a booted Docker Marketplace application on a 4GB Shared plan in Newark running Ubuntu with tlambert as a limited user.


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