Linode Firewall & IPv6's on VMs

I'm using the Linode Firewall to restrict access to my VM to myself only while I'm setting it up. So I have 6 Accepts - one each for tcp, udp & icmp, for both my IPv4 and IPv6 inbound-to-server client addresses. Then I have 3 drops - one each for tcp, udp & icmp (for both IPv4 & IPv6 traffic).

With these rules, I'm able to pig my VM via it's IPv4 addy, but not the IPv6 addy (these attempts time out).

If I disable the firewall, the ping attempt to the VM's IPv6 address responds promptly.

So it appears that my 6 Accept actions are applying to any inbound-to-IPv4 traffic but not to any inbound-to-IPv6 traffic.

I don't see anyway in the gui/ux to particularly enable the firewall to Accept inbound-to-IPv6 traffic. How can I enable this capability?

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You need to add a specific rule to your firewall to accept inbound-to-IPv6 traffic. This can be done by adding a rule with a source address of “any” and a destination address of the IPv6 address of your VM.

~ Andy | NexusPIPE


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