How do I change from Linode kernels to General kernels?

Hi! I have two really old Linodes running on Ubuntu Linode kernels. I would like to change them to Ubuntu General kernels. When I try to change them, the resulting instance does no start up its services (like SSH) and doesn't succeed with an apt-get update though the sources file seem to be the same.

Any guidance, here, would be much appreciated.

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The steps for changing a Linodes Kernel are outlined in this guide. Selecting the latest version of the Linode Kernel will work in most situations however depending what you’re doing with your Linode, you might need to switch to your Distribution-Supplied Kernel which is labeled GRUB 2 in your Cloud Manager. Keep in mind that if you are running an older version of Ubuntu like 14.04, you might need to select an older Kernel that is more compatible with your version of Ubuntu. The links I have included below can help you determine which Kernel version goes with each Ubuntu release. Hopefully this gets you moving in the right direction.


Thank you, Mike! I'll give it a shot!


  1. i am running centos 7 and wish to upgrade to alma 8
  2. currently latest 64 bit 6 2 9 86 64 Linode 160 kernel working, but if I switch to grub 2 and reboot. boot not work.
  3. To upgrade in alma 8 require kernel grub 2.
  4. how to solve this so I upgrade to alma 8 ?
  5. or is it possible using linode kernel we upgrade to alma 8 without changing kernel


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