How do i setup auto renew for a Lets Encrypt Certificate on an Object Storage Bucket ?

I have added a Lets Encrypt Certificate to an Object Storage Bucket with the manual method. It works fine and the guide is easy to follow. (apart from the glitch that the bucket must be named with the FQDN !)
Has anyone setup a auto renew method for Object Storage Bucket certificates ?
Would be great to have a method for this as it will takeaway the tedious work of renewing manually every 3 months !
Linode - will you make a guide ? Or even better add the functionality to add a LetsEncrypt certificate with auto renew as part of the Object Storage offering !

/jens, Lieto International

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There are two ways of generating a LetsEncrypt TLS cert automatically for your Object Storage Bucket. The first one was developed by a Linode user and instructions for its use can be found in this GitHub repo. While I haven't used it personally, it seems pretty straight forward and user friendly.

Alternatively, you can use the Linode API to do essentially the same thing as the Acme Linode Object Storage tool and just run the commands yourself. You can setup a bash script to and a cron job to run the script at a specific time so that you won't have to manually renew your TLS certificate.


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